19 Jan

Changes to Qualifying Experience requirements

Following a consultation on proposed changes to the requirements for experience prior to applying for admission as a chartered legal executive, we are pleased to announce that the Legal Services Board approved an application for rule changes on 11th January 2023.


As a result, the Application for Fellowship Rules and Practitioner Authorisation Rules have been updated to reflect the following changes:


    1. To amend the term “qualifying employment” to become “qualifying experience”;


    1. To replace the requirement for “wholly legal work” with “work that contributes to the provision of legal services”;


    1. To replace the requirement for 3 years’ experience with a total of 2,300 hours,


    1. To remove the requirement for an applicant to demonstrate having been in qualifying employment for 2 consecutive years immediately preceding the date of an application for admission as a chartered legal executive;


    1. To amend the period of experience recognised from an applicant’s completion of the Legal Practice Course, as recognised by the Law Society of England and Wales, or Bar Training Course, as recognised by the Bar Council, from 43 weeks qualifying employment to become 644 hours qualifying experience; and


  1. To amend the decision-making powers of an Officer to remove references to consideration of experience against the existing definition of qualifying employment.


We believe that the new requirements will improve accessibility of the Chartered Legal Executive route and will promote fairness to applicants, as the focus is now on an individual’s experience and skills rather than the number of hours that they work in a typical week.


Please note if you are planning to apply for admission as a chartered legal executive and have previously had your role confirmed as qualifying employment by CILEx Regulation, this will be recognised as 20 hours’ qualifying experience each week.


To assist potential applicants, we have updated our website to reflect the new rules relating to qualifying experience and we have also produced a new guidance document to provide more information on the changes.


If you have any queries on the new requirements, please contact us at applications@cilexregulation.org.uk