We provide data about the individual lawyers and entities (firm, business or practice) we regulate for use by comparison websites. We provide data about our authorised individuals who have consented to the release of their data; and data about our authorised entities.

The data is compiled from information provided to us by our authorised individuals and/or our authorised entities, as at the date noted on the spreadsheet. CILEx Regulation cannot accept any liability for inaccuracies in the data.

CILEx Regulation cannot accept any liability for the use of the data by a third party, or inaccuracies or omissions in its use by a third party.

Comparison websites are requested, if they use our data, to include a statement on their website to inform the public that they can view details about disciplinary decisions made against members of CILEx, CILEx Practitioners and CILEx Authorised Entities on the CILEx Regulation website. Details of unsuccessful appeals against disciplinary decisions, where publication has been ordered, are also published in our Disciplinary Records. Enquiries regarding disciplinary information about individuals working in CILEx Authorised Entities who are not members of CILEx or CILEx Practitioners need to be made directly to the individual’s regulator.