10 – Having an online presence and being transparent on your services

You may decide that your firm should have a website and social media presence. Think about:

  • how much time you have to manage the site and accounts
  • if your site will deal with enquiries or booking appointments
  • the role of your online presence in maintaining the integrity and reputation of your firm
  • risks of being online and how they can be managed, for example account hacking or cloning

You may wish to speak to a legal technology firm to help you.

Transparency Requirements

Make sure you comply with transparency requirements. They apply to our regulated firms providing legal services as set out at Annex A to the Rules.

The rules mandate the information that firms must publish. Even if you do not have a website, you will be required to make the information available to consumers upon request.

You can set out the benefits to a consumer of using your firm and what you can offer that might differentiate you from your competitors. We have provided examples within the Transparency Guidance.