11 – Complete the manager and entity forms

A well-presented application demonstrates your attention to detail and how you have thought about the firm that you wish to run.

The approved manager application form should be completed by:

  • the firm’s owners
  • the firm’s directors
  • the authorised person responsible for the firm’s provision of a reserved legal service or immigration advice and services

The compliance manager form should be completed by the people responsible for practice and accounts management. In small firms this is often one person’s role. If the role is shared between two people, the compliance managers should complete one form each.

The entity application form provides important information about your firm, including:

  • where it will be located
  • its structure
  • the legal services it will provide
  • its previous records (if it’s an existing firm)

Make sure this information is consistent with your business plan, cashflow, and policies and procedures.

All managers must complete their prior conduct declarations. Think about whether these will have an impact on the roles you wish to gain authorisation for.

We will arrange for any Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks after you submit your application.