We provide our regulated firms with the logo to the left, to show that they are regulated by us.

Logos can be copied onto websites, so we have increased security for consumers by providing a digital logo which our firms can use.
To the left is an example of the digital logo.
When you visit a firm’s website, click on the digital logo.


  1. When you click on a firm’s digital logo, you will see the screen on the left. This is confirmation from us that the firm is genuine and regulated by us.
  2. Click on the green bar at the top of the page to make sure that you return to the firm’s genuine website.


The screen displays: Something’s wrong
If the screen display looks like the one to the left when you click on the logo, the website may not be genuine. You must contact us at info@cilexregulation.org.uk





The logo is not working?

Our firms are gradually starting to use the digital logo but not all our firms have it on their website yet.

If you visit a firm’s website which displays our logo, and you cannot click through on the logo, you should contact us if you have any queries about the firm at info@cilexregulation.org.uk

If a person says they are a Chartered Legal Executive or a CILEx Practitioner, you can check their details on the CILEx Authorised Practitioners Directory