09 May

Professional Indemnity Insurance Consultation

CILEx Regulation is consulting on a number of changes that are required to bring the CILEx PII Rules and Minimum Wording up to date ahead of the proposed application by CILEx Regulation on behalf of CILEx to become a Licensing Authority in 2017.

10 Mar

Consultation: transitioning towards an insurance backed compensation scheme

CILEx Regulation is consulting on changing its compensation arrangements to transition towards an insurance backed scheme. This consultation makes a number of proposals to change the CILEx Compensation Fund Rules with a view to moving towards a largely insurance backed compensation scheme as opposed to the maintenance of a substantial fund.

31 Jan

New Director of Authorisation and Supervision

CILEx Regulation Limited (CRL) will welcome Vicky Purtill as its new director of authorisation and supervision on 1 February 2017.

15 Dec

CILEx Regulation welcomes CMA’s recommendations

We are very pleased to receive the CMA’s recommendations and have committed to working with them and the other regulators on any associated action plan arising to address their findings.

30 Nov

CILEx Regulation the year in review

CILEx Regulation looks at the highlights and challenges of 2016.

02 Nov

Research shows room for improvement on Client Care Letters

New research commissioned by legal regulators and the Legal Services Consumer Panel (LSCP) has identified principles to help legal services providers better communicate with their clients.

01 Nov

Change to Work-based Learning Scheme

Following a review of the scheme requirements, CILEx Regulation has announced a reduction in the number of examples required to meet the Work-based Learning outcomes. Those outcomes that previously needed to be met three times now have to be met twice. Members are urged to review the guidance on the CILEx Regulation website for further information.

12 Sep

CILEx Regulation responds to LSB's vision

CILEx Regulation's Chairman, Sam Younger CBE, responds to the Legal Services Board (LSB) vision for legislative reform of the regulatory framework for legal services in England and Wales.

11 May

CILEx Regulation Welcomes LSB's Regulators' Performance Review

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has published the conclusions of its latest performance reviews of the eight legal service regulators, alongside individual performance reports for each regulator, including CILEx Regulation.

07 Jan

Licensing Rules Consultation

CILEx Regulation is asking stakeholders for views on applying to the Legal Services Board for powers to approve and regulate Alternative Business Structures (ABS). The consultation seeks views on making the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) a Licensing Authority in its capacity as an Approved Regulator, who would then delegate the regulatory activity to CILEx Regulation in the same way as for the other powers the regulator holds.

16 Dec

Seven-year rule to be scrapped

The rule that only allows exemption from CILEx qualifications for law degrees achieved in the last seven years is to be scrapped following approval from the Legal Services Board (LSB).

CILEx Regulation’s head of policy and governance Jill Durham said: “We believe in removing unnecessary regulatory requirements. The seven-year rule was arbitrary, and was inconsistent with our exemptions for other qualifications. By scrapping the rule we are making it easier for law graduates to become Chartered Legal Executives or CILEx Practitioners, whilst ensuring their knowledge and skills are up to date through their work-based learning portfolios.”

Work-based learning applications include at least three years’ qualifying employment, and demonstration of 27 learning outcomes required from day one of being a CILEx lawyer. These requirements include application of law and legal practice as part of the skills outcomes that must be proved; ensuring applicants have current knowledge, skills and experience in their specialist area of practice.

08 Dec

Consultation launched on CILEx Regulation powers to authorise ABSs

CILEx Regulation, the independent regulator of specialist lawyers, is asking stakeholders for views on applying to the Legal Services Board (LSB) for powers to approve and regulate Alternative Business Structures (ABSs).

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